www.mathertel.deThe AJAX EngineSamples 4: Building data centric Ajax applications.

AJAX Samples Part 6: Data centric AJAX Applications

Implementing data forms and tables connected to a database and transactional methods.

This part of my AJAX project is about writing web applications that are based on handling relational data.

This part is still under construction.

Simple data bound form

Simple data bound form

This sample is a simple form that displays a record from a server side database. The implementation is a combination of the 3 components:

  • The form consists of DataInput fields that are used to display the values.
  • The menubar is used to offer the typical buttons for searching and navigating through the dataset.
  • The datasource control controls the binding between these controls and the server side web methods.

See the demo page at SimpleReader.aspx.

All features of the datasource and datamenu control

A full feature sample page

This page shows the full features of the datasource and datamenu controls.

In addition to the simple sample above records can be created, updated and deleted.

The event that is fired by the datasource control is used to enable and disable the active elements in the menubar and to display some information about the number of selected elements and the current position of the cursor.

See the demo page at FullStandard.aspx.

OpenAjax hub sample 1.

Using the OpenAjax hub

How to link several components by using the OpenAjax hub implementation. This shows the basic mechanism that is used within the inner controls of a data form.


OpenAjax hub extender.

Implementing an OpenAjax hub extender

How to implement an OpenAjax compatible component that extends events over the network.



The datamenubar control



The TableData webservice

This webservice implements the interface that handles all the functions for the datasource control. TableData.asmx.